Armonight to hit the road with catchy new album

Power Metal from Italy is still alive and kicking! One of them is the band Armonight. The band just recently. released the album  "Recover".

The ten tracks on "Recover" are a mix of rock-style Armonight but, unlike previous work, namely the debut "Suffering And Passion" in 2010 and the subsequent "Tales From The Heart", dated 2012, the new studio effort has numerous catchy guitar riffs from the first listen. The band, in doing this, intends to deviate from the melancholy aura that characterizes the gothic genre which has been so sterotyped in the past by critics, through the presence of keyboards and female vocals.

In the last year and a half, Armonight played a long series of concerts in the UK, Switzerland,Netherlands, France (and, of course, Italy). In the upcoming months the band will tour Europe from August 29 to September 20. The venues have still to be confirmed. Just take a look on their website and on Facebook to stay up to date on these dates as well as for more info about the band.

But nothing describes music better than listening to it, so here you go:

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