Chasing Dragons stream first track of their upcoming record online

Wow, female vocalists can add a lot to a band. They're not that often to find but every once in a while you'll find them. And when you do maybe you'll think the same - those women must be hardcore since they give a lot just to be accepted by the metal community.

One of them I recently ran across are Chasing Dragons. The band from Leeds are due to release their new record, ‘Checkmate’ on 2nd June via Trash Unreal Management. The band that has already released several EPs and singles just hit me very hard with the release of the track "For the sake of murder". Drawing comparisons to Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI and Aiden come up to your mind when listening to their stuff.

As always its up to you to check their music out for yourselves and of couse please let me know what you think of them. For more information on the band check out their website and stay in touch with them through Facebook.

Update 2014/06/02: Show for June 4th has been cancelled, the band writes on Facebook about it:

"(...) Due to unforeseen venue actions entirely out of our hands, our show on Wednesday night with Death2Disco at The Macbeth in London has been cancelled. We're absolutely gutted to not be able to play for you guys but rest assured, the date is being REARRANGED for later in the summer! So we will be down to see you guys...If anyone has purchased tickets for this show in advance, please contact your vendor for a refund.

We'll keep you all posted with news on the new date...

Sorry for any and all inconvenience caused but it really is completely out of our control(...)"

May 30 "CHECKMATE" HOMETOWN LAUNCH: Chasing Dragons w/Bad Pollyanna, Euthemia & more - Leeds, Eiger - Leeds, United Kingdom
Jun 4 Chasing Dragons VS Death2Disco,with Killatrix, Cross Wires The Macbeth, London - London, United Kingdom
Jun 14 Chasing Dragons VS Salutation, Nottingham - Nottingham, United Kingdom
Jun 21 Chasing Dragons VS The Riverside, Selby  - Selby, United Kingdom

Jun 24 Chasing Dragons VS The Parish, Huddersfield Huddersfield, United Kingdom 
Jun 26 Chasing Dragons VS Corporation, Sheffield - Sheffield, United Kingdom
Jun 27 Chasing Dragons VS The Pot & Kettle, Rhyl, Wales w/ Artisfiction - Rhyl, United Kingdom
Aug 02 Chasing Dragons VS The Shed, Leicester - Leicester, United Kingdom
Aug 22 Chasing Dragons VS Steph's The Club That Rocks, Consett Consett - United Kingdom
Sep 19 Chasing Dragons VS The Underworld, London w/ Tagada Jones - London, United Kingdom

I will add more dates as I get to know them by updating the article so please check back from time to time if you're interested in seeing the band live.


  1. Fantastic musicians producing unique work... Great instrumentals, vocals and lyrics. Would love to hear them at a festival!

  2. Thank your for the cool comment Fiona! I agree, the band puts a lot of effort in their music and gives the listeners something to remind them.
    Would also like to see them live. So far the band has confirmed one show on their website but I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for more dates.

    May 02 Chasing Dragons UNPLUGGED VS The Parish, Huddersfield Huddersfield, United Kingdom

    I will add more dates as I get to know them by updating the article so please check back from time to time.