Easter-Gift: Progmetal Double CD from Neverdream for free download

Time is running really fast, by now we've left the first quarter of the year behind us. It's time for the tradition to send all the old ghosts of winter to rest and to celebrate easter it with a easter fire here in germany.

And it's the time to give away little presents mostly to children but also adults surely are happy when they receive a little gift. These time I'm glad I've run across a tip that lead to the website of the band Neverdream. It's a italian progmetal band with a very unique style. Lyrically they always focus on one topic to each record, which is mostly a dark-themed one.

Most recently the band did put out a double (!!!) CD under the title of "The Circle" telling a dark thriller story. They were able to get the support of Andy Kuntz, who is the vocalist of the german progmetal band Vanden Plas. The sensation is that the band is giving away the whole record as a free download! There are also pdf files available that tell the story of the record as well as files that contain the lyrics in it's original (italian) language and in a translated english version.

Just jump over to the download page to get your copy. The older records are also available from the same page. If you like to have a physical copy of the album then click on Buy now button directly under the download images. You will get two CD's along with a 16 sided booklet.

As a alternative to that please also pay attention to the donate paypal button on the right site of the linked website directly under the website banner. Making music and recording stuff ain't free so please consider at least giving back some bucks for the stuff you've taken. If you want to stay in touch with band head over to their Facebook page and give some a like.

For all of you that like to listen to some snippets first of the record I've added the trailer to the album below. Enjoy this piece of fine music and happy easter to all of you!

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