Serbian Progpower-Metal band AlogiA preparing new album

This band ist set a bit more in the modern progmetal style. But that's not the only thing that makes them remarkable from other bands around. Their albums are recorded in Serbian language but the raw music translates into any culture. Because they’ve gained such a following in England and the US, they’ve translated their first album into English, and are working on a English version of their upcoming work as well.

At the moment the band is preparing their long-awaited new album,Elegia Balcanica, due to be released in September 2014 which will be distributed worldwide. The band recently signed a contract with Miner records which should give them better possibilities to distribute their music.

If you like to get to stay in touch with the band, head over to the band's Facebook site or check out more video stuff on their Youtube channel.

As for now check out one from their older videos below to get a idea of the band's abilities.

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