Acrassicauda starts Kickstarter campaign for the first full album

Remember the article I posted some time ago about Acrassicauda, the one and only Metal band from Iraq by that time? They struggled for their life but refused to give in or up and always pushed on forward. I think making music helped them along the way.

By now the band found a way to escape the cruel everyday living in Iraq and made a odyssey from Iraq over to Syria. where they even had to struggle with more problems. Finally the band could set over to America where they live now. In the meantime they recorded a first EP with producer Alex Skolnick (guitarist from Testament) entitled "Only the dead see the end of the war" and made a video for "Gardens of stone".

Currently the band has written their first full length record. They are now ready to go for the recordings but are in a similar position like many other artists without a record company. So they decided to use Kickstarter to raise funds for all the production steps needed.

As for the concept of the record the band writes on Kickstarter:

"(...) The new album pays homage to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization using the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem written in the Acadian language in the 3rd millennium BC, originally inscribed on 12 tablets in cuneiform script. Delving into themes of exotic journeys, life and death, love, the divine, success and failure, the Epic of Gilgamesh has much in common with the experiences of the band —it is a humble yet honest comparison. The LP is an ode to the modern Iraq, a home from which they are exiled today.(...)"

You can use from a wide variety of pledge levels, raging from 1 Dollar for a download of the actual single over to download options of songs or the full album up to some nice Merch packs that include nice stuff such as posters, shirts, DVDs, personalized rewards, band equipment and more with the album.

Check out the video to find out more about what the band has in mind with the album and head over to Kickstarter if you like to support this outstanding Thrash 'n doom metal band. The band also has a own website so click over to see more detailed info on the band. You can also connect through Facebook to stay in touch with them.

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