New Wave of Thrash coming up?

Looking around on some of the (upcoming) releases of these days it seems to me that more and more Thrash metal band's are coming up. So I'd like to point out on three of them here.

First off are Dust Bolt, a band from Germany who are around since 2006. The sound of their upcoming record "Awake the riot" reminds me a lot of the very oldschool days when I began to listen and like Thrash. The cover has something from Nuclear Assault's "Game over" EP in my eyes. You can check out their upcoming record in the long preview trailer below.

So far I've heard few about bands from Spain. Until the german Rock Hard magazine recently posted a article about Crisix including the offer to listen the full album for free as a Soundcloud stream. These guys seem to influenced a lot by the Thrashers Tankard, mixing up powerfull direct hitting Thrash with a lot of attitude. Check out the title track of the album.

Last in line as for today are Lost Society from Finnland. These guys are around since 2010 and they grabbed my attention through the videoclips for the tracks "Thrash all over you" and "Kill". If you want to go with a very straight band who doesn't fiddle around with their instruments too much I suggest you go with this band.

So after all what do you people think? Would you agree with me to say Thrash has a new wave coming up? Or which other styles of Heavy Metal or even Rock music do you see more coming up? Please let me know in the comments below. There is also a option to post anonymus if you don't want to see your name or nick linked in.

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