Review: Final Coil - Somnambulant

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Short introduction

The band describes themselves as "(...) an alt-rock band with increasingly progressive overtones Final Coil are the link between the harmonies of Alice in Chains and the rhythmic pulse of Tool. (...)". This description fits in very well for the band. They are already around since 2008 and this year they've decided to give us a acoustic album entiled "Somnambulant". I've already posted about them here before so might want to check out my previous post containing info and music about their heavier output "Live with doubt" that's still up for free download (and maybe a little donation afterwards...).

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The album is a very melancholic piece of music. It's very organic and you can hear very well through all the emotions that the musicians might have gone through in the last couple of months. The band writes on his Bandcamp page about this album that  it "(...) is the result of too many nights without sleep, too many days spent dreamily walking towards an unknown future. (...)". This sentence brings the things up for thought for me. It has all there trademarks plus some Pink Floyd feeling every here and there. I suggest you listen first but be warned: once heard the tracks won't leave your ears so fast. ;)

It's available for only 3 GBP on the Bandcamp page of Final Coil and it's well worth the money in my eyes. It comes as a mp3 download that you can choice from various formats along with the cover of the record. Also make sure to check out there Facebook and official website for additonell info on the band.

Track by Track Review

This Love (Part One)
Perfect start into the album. It has this typical feel that I love so much about this band. The melancholic vocals fit so much into the melody. Later on some reverb and electric guitars add to the song and give it a bit chaotic feeling. The song closes the way it startsa bit more calmly. The last notes already point over to the following track.

A fast start into the song. Same feelings in this track but much faster rhythm. Very catchy chorus along with a follow up melody that remaind for quiet a long time on my mind. Some final notes again lead over to track three.

A fast beginning at the start. Very catchy again, but also this track goes by quickly. The end leaves you with some reverb back with the feeling that something quickly came, shaked you through and leaves you a bit asking what that was behind. Strange but cool feeling. :-)

This Love (Part Two) 
We return to where part one left off. Like that vibe in there. After some mixed emotions a much harder electric guitar part is mixed in adding a slightly heavier feeling to the easy note. The track takes over to a very different direction. Exspect a bit of Pink Floyd feeling here. Hard to take but the end gives back some relaxed melody again.

Starts with electric guitar melody. Then goes over to a soft guitar play and very soft vocals. Maybe a bit of suffering feeling in here. Heavier guitars keep rushing in after some time, some nervous feeling and reverb to the end of it.

Feeble Minds (Quiet)
Beginning with vocals only. A bit of guitars and percussion join in followed up by some keyboards. Vocals are the center of this track, the other instruments fade away again just to return after a short while. Like the slowly moving atmosphere in this one. Keyboards add to the sound and it fades away with a little acoustic melody in the end.

A very colourfull beginning of the song. Rhythm adds to the track, giving it a bit punchy feeling. A soft melody in the first part of the song is replaced by a much heavier distortion packed part in the second half of the track. It gives it a bit of heavyness but the acoustic sides remain in there. Lullyby ends with quiet a climatic ending that bursts out all of the energy that has been builded up before. A very remarkable track.

Closed to the light
The album ends in the same mood as it began. Also the guitars on this one are a bit harder and straighter forward. A fast change between softer parts and the harder played acoustic guitar riffs. Some soft notes leave you a bit of dreaming behind. Let's hope for a continue sometime in the future...

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