Stoner-/Math-Rock Band Toshes releases new video Smoker Man

Everyone of us wears a mask a friend of mine once told me. You need to break it down first to see the real human behind it...

Well, the band Toshes seems to be at some point of the same opionion. They entitled their debut record EP "The Mask We Wear" and the single "Precious Junk" followed up. Now the band is doing the next step with releasing the new single "Smoker Man" which can be watched below. 

What I like so much is the combination of the wild, traditionell sound of the band along with some fresh elements that surprisingly step in from time to time to the song. I really would like to know where the band goes on from here. There style at the moment is surely a mixture between Stoner/Math-Rock/Power Pop. The vocal and guitar work on this is outstanding. Young bands seem to focus today a lot more on details of the songs and I like how these elements are outworked especially at this band.

The video features the upcoming London based grapher Gnasher, whose work is showcased HERE. If you like to know more about Toshes, just head over to their website, connect with them through Facebook or check out their Soundcloud page.

The band is also doing some shows in France in the upcoming time, the dates are:

- 6 June – Brest
- 7 June – Rennes
- 4 July – Clohars Carno√ęt
- 12 July – Niort
- 18 July – Angers
- 24 July – Combrit
- 26 July – Combrit
- 14 August – Les Nocturnes Festival – St Brieuc

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