Acrassicauda offering free and early download of first single to Facebook supporters

As I wrote some time ago legendary ex-Iraq Thrash band Acrassicauda is currently raising funds for the recordings of the first album. So far the campaign has already helped the band to get nearly half of the amount they need to reach their goal.

However there is still a good part of the money to be fund in the remaining time of 9 days. In support of the campaign the band has decided to offer the first single of the album entitled "Gigamesh" to everyone who shares the post with the link from their Facebook page for free download once the song if done of course. If that's still not enough you may be happy to read that this gift will be given to the supporters at a very early point, 10 days prior to the official release of the single to be exactly.

If you want to support the band diretly with a pledge you can do so at the Kickstarter campaign page.
The band's new to you? No probelm just check out some songs below from their first EP "Only the dead see the end of the war".

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