Best of Rock am Ring 2014/2013 shows to be broadcasted online and on TV

So, this is the day after... Is it all already over now? Metallica blew me away last night. This band is really tough and they still kick a lot of ass today. Respect from me to you, after all of the years that the band is still going strong.

There's one glimpse of light anyway: there will be some best of shows broadcasted in the upcoming days so you'll be able to relive some of your (hopefully) sweet memories on the website called dasding.tv. Just click over to the website of the stream on the following days:

BTW: There's currently already some stuff there online, but it's mostly non-metal shows.

Update 2014/06/17: Part 1 of the Best Of Rock am Ring 2014 is also available as a stream on demand, so if you missed it, it's still up there for watching. Just click on the link below.

Best of Rock am Ring 2013

10.06.2014 13.15 h

Rock am Ring 2014 Special Part 1

13.06.2014 20.15 h & 23h
14.06.2014 05.30h, 13.45h, 19.45h
16.06.2014 05.30h
17.06.2014 13.15h

Rock am Ring 2014 Special Part 2

20.06.2014 20.15h & 23h
21.06.2014 05.30h, 13.45h, 19.45h
23.06.2014 05.30h
24.06.2014 13.15h

If you have access to german TV you can turn on the channel Eins Plus and check some festival footage on these days & times:

10.-12.06.2014   17.00 – 20.15h
13.06.2014    17.00 – 20.05h

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