CD Review: RECLVSE - Reclvse

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Short introduction

The band RECLVSE formed in Wales in 2013 and features members of the band Ghast, They play traditionell Doom Metal with a lot of heavyness in their music and fine leads which come out very powerfull. Their first selftitled 3-track-demo was recorded in 2014 by the band themselves and comes with cover artwork by Bvrzerk and band logo by Christophe Szpajdel. The demo was released online May 4th 2014.

RECLVSE are fands of Pentagram, Warning, Candlemass, Cathedral, Reverand Bizarre, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Gallow God, Moss, a fact that can be heard in their music I think.

Short Summary / Player / Purchase Link

If you're into Doom Metal you should definitely give the demo tape a round of listening. It comes with a raw sound but that's something that even more adds to the atmosphere of the tracks, it gives them something very smokily and breathes with a lot of atmosphere right through. The tape makes me curious on what to expect from the band. Would like to know how their sound evolves, a lot of promising sounds and ideason this one. Hope they will keep the good stuff up!

The full demo comes as a free download offer on Bandcamp to you, so there's no hidden catch at all. Inside of the zip file you'll also find the cover to make your own disc of it. Anyway, you may also choose to pay as much for the demo as you think it's worth on Bandcamp.

Sadly the options for embeding the player have changed on Bandcamp. They don't fit on my blog anymore so I decided to put the Soundcloud player here instead. If anybody knows a workaround please let me know!

Currently a distro service based in the UK also gives you the chance to get a phsyical copy of the record as a CD-R if you prefer to hold something in your hands. You can order a copy there for only 1 GBP plus shipping and handling. 

If you'd like to know how the band continues head over to Facebook and like them. There you'll also find announcements about a second leg of the Limited Edition of the record the band is thinking about at the moment.

Track by Track Review

1. Temptress!
Mighty and powerfull opening with bright guitars and drums, reminds a bit of Black Sabbath. Vocals come in and add a lot of spirit to the song. Some faster movement, before a change to some slower part builds a bridge to a very riffing and hard and faster part ending in a guitar solo. Very fast going again with some shred guitars before vocals come back again. The refrain stays in my mind. The song ends with a lot of distortion and powerful guitars like in the beginning. Great opening up for the demo!

2. Of Many Names
No long intro, the song kicks right in with vocals and the band playing a midtempo song. A short part builds up leads over to the refrain, very melodic vocals all over in this one. A much shorter track than the previous one but very direct and with fine melodies. Let's see what track three has to offer, getting curious even more...

3. Bewitch The Sky
The longest track of the demo opens up again with a lot of atmosphere and power. Majestic opening up with a lot of guitars and cymbals, moves onwards slow. A lot of drum patterns in this one, along with much guitar work give a wall of pulsating sound. Very unique, think I've not heard something like that before. The end climates into some silence and a softer part, very melodic and only with few drums put inside. In the end some more silence and fade-away. A very cool way to end the record.

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