Senate of Prevail releases video for the versatile track "Illusion"

A while ago Senate Of Prevail released a music video for the song "Abandon all hope", a fully story driven movie without showing much of the band themselves. The video was captured in the good old VHS style which added to the atmosphere in my eyes.

In the meantime the band continued his path and did a liveshow at the past weekend as the support of Trail of Murder at a local event in Bollnäs called "Rockaway 2014". 
They also used the time on that very same weekend to film a new video for the track "Illusion", this time focussing more on the band's performance.

Some hours ago the result was posted by the band on Facebook. The band did work again together with Johan Bodell and it turns out that he is very modern in filming but happily doesn't forget to keep close to the song and catches up a lot of the emotions of the band while playing the track.

For me this made this tuesday a very special day to be remembered. This track is absolute amazing and outstanding! Love the riffing plus the melodies and most of all the changes and diversity of this one. The details are outworked very fine and if you listen to it several times you will still find new details.
The ending is something very special, like it if a song leaves with some soft notes and some thoughts behind...

Make sure not to miss out on the further activities of the band and follow them on Facebook or check them out on Instagram.

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