CD Review: El Yeti - Born Dead

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Short Introduction

El Yeti is a stoner rock duo from Barcelona, Spain. Formed in 2011 by brothers Edko Fuzz and Marc Rockenberg. Their shared passion for bands like Black Sabbath, Corrosion Of Conformity, Alice In Chains, Fu Manchu or Clutch brought them together and so El Yeti was born.

(c) El Yeti, used with kind permission

After some rehearsing the band produced and recorded their first demo with 4 songs. It came out in 2012 to very good reviews (Metal Hammer Germany, Sludge Lord...). After the release X-Wong joined the band playing bass. They opened for bands such as hard-rock french stoners The Socks or the swedish stoner-metalheads Deville. They also played at Red Sun Fest in Barcelona and have done lots of local gigs, gaining a live reputation.

(c) El Yeti, used with kind permission

In the beginning of 2013 the band started recording their new ep. The fact that the bass player X-Wong left the band in the middle of the recording process didn't help and caused a big delay. Finally Edko Fuzz decided to record the bass lines himself. 5 new songs in which you can hear stoner riffs, metal breakdowns, grunge melodies, hard rocking choruses and lots of groove and fuzz. Born Dead was finally out on March 8th 2014.

Marc told me that the band is looking for a new bass guitar player. So if you think you have what it takes to play the bands songs please don't hesitate and contact the band through Facebook or Bandcamp.

Short Summary / Player / Purchase Link

The band reminds me in a positive way of Rage against the machine. These five tracks have something similar to that, they have many details in them that you will only discover the longer and closer you listen to them. But once you have found out what makes them so special I think you'll like them. Each of the songs comes with a lot of diversity and shows a different musical side of the band so the songs aren't kept monotone at all.

The opener "Ludum" is the best way to start out on the EP you will quickly get inside of the mood. I wouldn't too quickly go over to the other songs, discover them one by one then you'll have the most joy out of it.

You can listen to the songs right here for free. The band offers their recordings on Bandcamp. You can decide what they are worth for you by entering a amount of your choice. You can also download it for free if you want to. Please keep in mind that recoding and mixing music takes not only time but also money. Not to mention all these countless hours they spent writing and practising the songs before. 

If you want stay up to date on all the latest about the band jump over to Facebook or Bandcamp and make sure you hit the follow buttons on the pages of the band.

Track-by-Track Review

1. Ludum
Very powerfull start of the song with much drums and guitars. A change shortly takes over to the main theme of the song. A very groove dominated track. The guitars and drums form a good mixture together. The refrain stays in your ears for a long time and pleases you to sing along. Can imagine this going down live very well. The end of the songs comes along more slowly than exspected but you can tell that the band jammed much together to find out the best ending for this.

2. Gimme Da Groove
Short riff intro with some vocals then a very compressed and heavy part that leads over to a groovy track. The refrain once again invites you to sing along. This gives some good feelings to the listener. The intermezzo introduces some darker and heavier riffs before the rhythm changes to a very hacked part at the end. Short and hard riffs come with this. A song with many details and changes in them that come as a surprise.

3. 653-9X
Some soft notes at the beginning before more groove takes over the stage. This one goes along with more speed in the rhythm than the previous two songs. The refrain some with some slowness underneath the vocals before a very powerfull riff gives back some motion. We hear the refrain at the end for a second time again before the track comes abruptly to an end.

4. Master of Black
A song a bit out of the ordinary. Whilst the opening comes common with the powerfull chords the vocals are set on two ways. One a bit high note while at the same time some background vocals run through it at the same time. Then again we hear the typicall rhythm and riff structure of the band with some more speed. Rough and rude guitars dominate the following parts that come as riff hacker again along with the fitting drums with it. A song with a lot of experimental structures in it.

5. Asteroid Keloid
Soft notes and a slow start at the beginning before this one's break up into a tight riff-monster. The rude guitars rush trough this instrumental track of the EP before once again there's a change in the riff and a solo part can be heard. The drums come through very hard and direct as if you're in the rehearsal room but I like how this sounds. A good way to round out this EP and I am left behind with the hope that more of this will come in the future..

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