CD Review: MONSTER - The Arrival

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Short introduction

MONSTER started as a band in the summer of 2011. All members had some experience that they brought in from their previous bands so they knew they wanted to do something in the Thrash metal direction. They released their first demo back in 2013 as a free download through the streaming and download plattform Soundcloud. After some time guitarist Dimi Weis left the band but was replaced some time after with Klaas Olthoff. The band has released their first full length album in Juli 2014 on Souncloud also free of charge for everybody to pick up.

Short Summary / Player / Download Link

The album is great, there's absolutely no doubt for me. They remind me a lot of the old Slayer but with a sound of today's Testament and some decent Death metal influences. The sound is heavy, dark but also melodic and most of all it is a very diverse and versatile record if you give it some proper rounds of listening.

You will discover that besides the obvious brutal elements there are a lof of fine subtile elements put inside this piece of music that make it well worth your time. Even if you have a limited download amount I strongly recommend to pick it up. It's fully professionell produced and recorded and comes without taking a cent out of your pockets.

Update 2014/11/20: Finally there's a chance to get a original copy of the album on a physical CD! You can order your CD by sending a Email to the band at monsterorder@gmx.de  One CD will cost you 7 Euro including shipping and handling when you live in germany, worlwide higher shipping fees have to be count in. A CD costs 9 Euro when you order to a adress outside of germany.

Please also consider to share the word on it and/or give the band's Facebook page a like at least in return. They also have proper band T-Shirts and girlies to order for a low price so you may support the band that way if you like. You can ask them directly via E-Mail for more details. Besides that you can also follow them on Soundcloud.

Track-by-Track review
01 The Arrival
A short intro - am I in heaven or is it hell? ;-)  The song starts out with a classic riff and rhythm - kicks in with a yes it's finally going and good vibes. Very melodic at this point. Just when the vocals come in you realize it is in fact a darker song. Dark, rough vocals with a classic line. Surely some sort of death metal but not without melody and line and most of all you can still understand what you hear. Fits very well to the song. Brutal double bass drums and riffing towards the end with some excellent technique. The end comes quick and fast.

02 Chemistry of Death
Straight going in with the riff and rhythm along with the vocals.  Then a short going over with a breaker from the maintheme with very, very heavy and hard drums in there before we go back to direct rhythm of the beginning. The vocals go straight, fast and direct on this one. The first bit of the breaker can be heard towards the end again but in a very short form just before the track is suddenly over.

03 The Death of Whomsoever
The song starts with a slow doomy intro before a short drum intro directly leads over into a fast riff-hacker. Very clever done - you can still hear the song's theme in the faster part. Then it comes back to the intro from the beginning before another riff hacking part rushes into but without the background theme in it. A razor sharp solo directly hits the listener next before more vocals along with the background theme take over. The end comes fast and cool. :-)

04 When heaven and hell collide
Two nice riffs start this one along with a long scream. A hacking track with a lot of groove in it, very high tone riff before a change takes it to a more brutal, direct level. A short stopper then we go on with a very shredding solo which leads in a part similar that feels like a fusion of the groove and brutality parts before. The end comes with a drum break and some distortion.

05 Dreams in black and blood
Very straight intro with a riff-starter and heavy drums, before some mid-tempo takes over. The refrain comes with the heavier faster part in it. The second chorus comes as mid-tempo section before a slow crawling variation of the main-theme can be heard. Very, very cool and instantly grabbed my attention. Some speaking samples have been put inside. A variation on the drums with some fast double bass drums let's the listener feel that something is about to change. Some silence, hacked riffs before a progressive variation built a bridge to the refrain that can be heard one more time. After all the main-riff two short times before the song comes to the end.

06 Eternal Netherworld
A versatile riff opens up this one before it changes to a mid-tempo thrasher. The refrain uses the opening riff again and the second chorus goes as mid-tempo. A surprise comes as next since Eternal Netherworld changes to a very slow, doomy number before a drum-part brings the speed. A progressive, diverse part plays around with the theme before it comes back to the chorus riff. Before you notice the song's gone again.

07 Randome acts of undead empathy
A slow, majestic intro before this one breaks out with massive brutality. The refrain comes as a cool spoken refrain and then we rush back to more riff hacking. The second refrain, afterwards some mid-tempo variations which are a lot of fun before the song goes back to the old track. Very dark and growling vocals close this one.

08 Among the rats
A mid-tempo start here before it goes over to the main part. This brings back some of the feel well vibes of the first track of the record. The band plays around with the theme itself as well as with some variations on the speed. Fits very well. Then a break and this one changed into a riff-hacker with very powerfull double-bass pressing it through the speakers. A drum break already gives a idea of the refrain but leads over to the second chorus instead of revealing it already to the listener. A guitar intermezzo can be heard before we travel over to some more brutality and the theme from the beginning. Now it's time for the refrain! The last part of the track is a surprise again with some short and powerfull power-packs and the end feels like sort of a outro. Very melodic and spoke voice. Well, find out for yourselves what exactly this is.

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