3 Doors Down acoustic liveshow to be streamed online

Okay, 3 Doors Down are surely no underdogs but a big name in the world of Rock Music. Anyway, there songs have something in my eyes - a extra potion of feelings and a good combination of rhythm and melody. Plus I've got the feeling that the band has still something to say. Musically and also from the lyrics side that often have a deep message inside of them.

Tonight (10th September 2014) the bands acoustic set at Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA has been announced to be streamed online through the Yahoo Live service for free. Just jump over to the stream page to see it.

The official time has been set for 2:00 a.m. CT (I think this time-stamp goes for my American visitors) or 2:00 am CEST (this goes for my European visitors). If you have other informations on this please let me know. Enjoy and have a good time!

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