Senate of Prevail share a new snippet from the coming album

A very cool new teaser from the upcoming Senate of Prevail album has been put out by the band. I like the mix of the various footage that is used in this one. It fits very good to the music and adds some personality so the members of the band are (hopefully) introduced a bit closer to the fans.

Want to hear more and even download new songs from the band? Check out my article about the release of the single "Abandon all hope" the band has set up for FREE download on soundcloud.

If you want to see the band playing live then you have the next chance at the Mosh Fest 2014 in their hometown Bollnäs! It's going to take place on 4th of October 2015. This festival will feature four young bands from Bollnäs and the area around it. So far Cedron, Faustus and Fearless have been confirmed to play that night. The entrance fee will be very low with only 20 SEK (swedish crowns). For more details please see the event page that has been set up on Facebook.

Update 2014/09/26: The running order for the Mosh Fest 2014 has been announced:

Doors: 19:30h
Senate of Prevail, 20:00
Fearless, 20:45
Faustus, 21:30
Cedron, 22:15

If you like to stay up to date about all the next steps the band takes while recording the new album make sure to check out the Facebook page and click the " Like button" or follow the band via Instagram. 

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