Toshes raise money for first album and show acoustic version of Smoker Man

Do you remember the band Toshes? Some time ago I wrote a little review about their brand new song and video for "Smoker Man". In the meantime the band has played several shows and kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to get the money needed to record the first full album.

The cool thing is the band has done a little acoustic version of the song "Smoker Man" to support the ongoing funding and to remind the people that they still can support the band.

I never saw someone drumming on a guitar, a very unusual but cool way to do a acoustic version of a song. Check it out below and don't forget to give some bucks if you want the band to do the record as well as to play more free shows in the future. If you want stay up to date on the progress of the campaign make sure to join the Event page the band has set up on Facebook.

The campaign itself can be found on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank but it's only running for 18 days left (time this article was written). The band has given a detailed description on the campaign page how much money they need exactly to perform the steps needed to do the record.

A digital copy can be reserved for 10 Euro, a physical copy can be chosen for 20 Euro. It comes as a digipack plus 6 page booklet.

If the funding reaches the 50 Percent mark up to the next Monday the band has promised to put out maybe something new since they already entered the studio. (Source: Campaign page on Facebook).

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