Classic Rock band Wild Smiles giving first taste of debut album

One of the big origins of metal is the Rock 'n' Roll music. The british band Wild Smiles reminds me a lot of the straight and direct way that musical style used to be back in the day. I would compare them the most with The Ramones to give you a idea of what to expect from them.

The band is going to release their debut album, "Always Tomorrow", on Sunday Best Recordings on 27th October. As a little teaser some weeks before the album hits the shelfs the band has set up the single "Girlfriend" which you can listen in the stream below.

For further informations about the band and their first album see the band's website or check out Facebook to make sure you won't miss out about their upcoming activities. The Facebook page also offers a free download of the album track "Fool for you" if you decide to give the band the famous "Like" click beforehand.

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