Diamonds Are Forever return with storybased videoclip from the upcoming album

One of the things I always enjoyed about Heavy Metal and all it's corresponding styles is the redemption feeling it gives. It often has some sort of "cleaning and healing" effect on me and in some way this song perfectly fits as a example for that. After listening to this one I often feel empty but good. Somehow it has a similar effect like Slayer has for me. Their superior musical brutality somehow cuts bad feelings and emotions and keeps you going this way. Let's see how you feel about this band and song.

No more than 3 years ago, the metal band Diamonds Are Forever made their fist appearance on the underground metal stage in their local town of Cluj-Napoca, RO.

Now, after two EP-s released and a live DVD, the band published a first look into the upcoming full length album with the video for "My fragile heart will feed the darkness". The bands next live appearance will be tomorrow 11th October 2014 in their hometown of Cluj-Napoca, Romania at the Flying Circus Pub.

For all of you who are new to this band, they are a metalcore band. Their music is a bit different than common metalcore bands out there, since a lot of their style is based on a combination of powerful vocals and guitar riffing with a lot of melodic riffing in between. You may say a lot of metalcore bands do this too, but Diamonds Are Forever don't use a default song pattern. They don't have one! Most of their songs are formed of non-repeating riffs. That's a bit unusual, but it seems they have found the way to manage them into their style.

Their songs are like a story that takes the listener from point A to point B, but when you reach that final destination, they make it worth you followed.

At the moment the band is preparing their first album and here's a little snippet of what is to come...

If you want to keep a eye on the band have a look on the band's website as well as on Facebook and make sure to check their Youtube channel every here and there.

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