Relapse Records handing out free Sampler with unreleased songs

Do you remember the good old Relapse Records Label? It's the legendary label that brought some classic records to you. One example I remember very well is one of the very first Amorphis albums, Tales from the throusand Lakes. The album really brought some progressive elements to the realm of Death Metal and it made me more aware than ever of this musical style in the Heavy Metal world that I mostly ignored before.

Happily the label is still around and active and provides us this fall with a fresh, annual label sampler that's been set up for free download. You can listen to the full 26-tracks big pack below. Besides already released stuff you'll also get to hear some tracks that give a first impression of upcoming releases of the label featuring Gruesome, Publicist UK, and Ecstatic Vision. If you want to download the songs just go to the Bandcamp site of the record label and do so.

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