Shaman's Harvest present video for earcaching track Dangerous

Wow, who says hard music cannot be combined with a catchy refrain and melody? This band proves it is indeed possible. They remind me a bit of Nickelback but pretty much from back in the day when the band sounded much more heavier and rougher than these days. But this band has much more to offer. It comes with a much more darker note which feels very authentic and straight from the heart. The lyrics seem to speak about a man with nothing to loose...

Shaman's Harvest - Dangerous - Official Video on MUZU.TV.

In fact this song feels in some ways as if it is about the band’s frontman Nathan Hunt, who was diagnosed with and treated for throat cancer but pushed forward to make sure the disc was completed and now is cancer-free, elaborates on the song: ‘First time I heard a pseudo finished version of that song I thought, “Well hell, that’s a bad motherf—er.” There isn’t anything nice about ‘Dangerous.’ It feels like power and energy. Once I came to terms with the cancer diagnosis it took on a whole new meaning — one of triumph. It feels like a psych up song for empowerment.’

The band's second album "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" has been released in Europe on September 15 through the Mascot Label Group. If you want to know more about the band make sure to check out the band's website and see their Facebook page to stay in connection with the band.

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