A metal concert in a church?

Yeah, what do you think about this idea? Does it work out or should both sides not team up?
A band called "Solution Cycle" played their first ever gig last week in a church in Lower saxony / Northern germany in a small town called Nortrup-Loxten (that's near Osnabrück).

A TV megazine that reports about all the daily news happening in this region called NDR made a short news about it and I saw it on TV last friday. I thought it would be nice to let you guys out there know about it. You can get a impression of the event on the website of the TV station, there are pictures and some interview footage (sadly only in german language) available.

It's a nice bonus that the TV station has set up not only the mentioned site with a report in german and pictures but also uploaded the full show as a video for streaming. It's the full concert with a length of around 90 minutes. The stream will be up for a very limited time so better hurry if you want to check it out. If you don't want to watch the full concert but quickly check out how the band sounds then pick up this short video snippet of around a minute. A gives a short insight into the song "Fire of Life".

The pastor of the church Uwe Brand wanted to send a message out there that the church should be open to these people as well. The concert was a big success, the band played to a packed house, a audience of around 400 people of nearly all ages showed up. The pastor himself was also involved into the concert as he spoke some lines of prayers that were embed into some of the songs.

In 2013 the same pastor already made another experiment. He invited a gothic band at the holy place and that did also work out fine with many people, mostly non-gothics showing up. For 2015 the pastor hopes to be able to do another experiment that opens the church up so more people may come to the church again and have a different experience. You can follow the further band activities by clicking the like-button on their Facebook page.

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