The Dry Mouths let you listen to Cold Mind from the upcoming record

How cold and calm can you keep your mind in extreme personal situations? Test yourselves with the new song from The Dry Mouths!

The band The Dry Mouths are a Alternative Rock band from Almeria, Spain. Their music is a mixture between the rock of the 90′, stoner and the experimentation. The band has been influenced from Nirvana, Tool, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. So far they have released 3 albums: “Lost Bow Case Eckard” 2010, “Moons True Delay Lenght Wah Foo Era” 2012 plus "And Show Us" in 2013.

(c) by The Dry Mouths, used with kind permission

At the moment the band is preparing the release of their upcoming new EP which will be entitled "2 months". To give the people out there a idea of how the new songs are going to sound like the band has released a first full song for listening, it's the track "Cold Mind".

I like the music in this song very much, the song kicks in very straight. It's hard and dry and comes to the point. It comes with very raw sound which you could imagine to come directly as the if you were going to see the band playing live or doing a rehearsal.
The refrain is a kicker which hopefully will let people scream along at the live shows. Could imagine this going down live very well. The solo makes one feeling a bit nervous I must admit. :-)

The band is going to do a show together with Demiurgo on December the 12th at the Sala Planta Baja in Spain. For more details check the event webpage. Tickets are going for only five Euros at the presale, at the doors that evening tickets will cost 7 Euros.

If you want to keep an eye on the band don't forget to like them on Facebook or visit their website for all the informations about their past and upcoming releases and tour dates.

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