Wacken 2014 and beyond - streams online and boxset coming

Life can only be understood in reverse. But must be lived forwards… This quote from the Megadeth song "Losing my senses" is a good statement in my eyes. We should focus on the here and now rather than on the past.

Anyway, sometimes you may also like to look back as some memories can also be pretty sweet. This often comes into play when thinking about visiting a festival like the Wacken Open Air.

The german TV station zdf kultur has re-uploaded some of the broadcasts of the past Wacken Open Air from 2014. So here's one more chance to see this stuff if you haven't already.



Amon Amarth


In addition to that a mediabook package with 3 DVDs / Blu-rays is coming our way which will reflect upon the Wacken Open Airs of all the past years called „25 Years of Wacken – Snapshots, Scraps, Thoughts And Sounds“ .

The german Rock Hard megazine has been given the honour to exclusively present a first insight into the book on their website showing stuff from the years 1990 - 1994. Unfortunately it's in german but the pictures inside should be of interest to many people.

For more infos from the boxset and some snippets from the DVDs watch the trailer below.

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