Book Review: Terry Chimes - The Strange Case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes

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Have you ever dreamt of being a rockstar? How would it be to live a life like this? If you've ever asked yourselves then the answer is not to far away. This book will tell you about it - but in a clear and direct way without all the common legends and images attached that we all know already.

Terry Chimes used to be the drummer and is one of the founding members of The Clash!

Besides that I think many of the readers of this site will know him from his work with Black Sabbath where he played drums during The eternal idol tour. He also worked with Billy Idol, Hanoi Rocks and many other bands.

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Rise up to the shining! (taken from the lyrics of the song "The Shining" from Black Sabbath, Album: The Tragic Idol. Make sure to see the promotional video for this song. You can see Terry playing drums in many scenes.)

So what is this book all about? The good first half goes out to the musician part of Terry Chimes. He describes how The Clash came together and adds in some anecdotes of that time. There are many memories I think in there that fans of that band will like to know about. He then goes over to his other bands and projects he has been involved with. That's the way the book is structured.

Most of the content is based upon the memories and stories of the author but the very end of many chapters also holds a photo gallery that shows a few, often rare pictures that are related to the content of the chapter.

Anyway, while reading through all of the entertaining moments of his musical career you will surely spot the point that there's a second side living inside Terry Chimes. This side tends more towards the healing arts.

The journey of the wounded healer (taken from one of the names of the chapters in the book)

So after 15 years there's a big change in the life of the drummer Terry Chimes. He finally decides to leave the world of the music business behind to find serenity by studying the skills of a chiropracticor and acupuncturist. This finds him to be such successful that be builds up a own chain of clinics and also ends up consulting other people in how to run their own business.

Is it "just" a autobiography of a musician and why should I read it?

The book is not only a autobiography but it is far more. It is of course a gift for everybody who is interested in the bands Terry Chimes played in. But it is also a look into the soul of a drummer. How does he think about the things he has done now and then? And why the heck did he change that much that he is now more of a healer than someone bashing the drums away? You may think that being a rockstar should be the first choice to have the most fun out of life but you may think differently if you've read through the full book (please do so).

It is also a good way to see how decisions have a impact on our lives. The book is filled with truth and wise words. If you read properly you'll find many of the fine diamonds all along the way that will made it well worth all of your precious time you've put in to read. Most of all it is a very entertaining experience.

(c) Maxine Chimes, used with kind permission

It is never a boring chain of "Now I did this, then I did that" and so on but it comes with many also smiling memories and anecdotes shining through. I've often agreed to what he is talking about and found out that I've made similar experiences in everyday-life. It's these moments that you feel that these people you often adore so often for the music they've given you (maybe one of the biggest gifts I've ever been blessed with) are really just normal human beings living by the same doubts and decisions and the mistakes we all inevitably run into then everyone else does.

Everything is well explained in this offer. Even if you're not too familar with the music or healing business you don't need to worry. All things are explained directly in the text so you don't need to look them up anywhere else. The book comes in english language but the text is kept short and straight forward so if you're having basic english knowledge you should be able to understand the content straight away. Sometimes I had to look a word up here and there but it doesn't really bother the reading experience.

Obviously it contains the topics you all expect from such a book. Nevertheless it is not a publication of scandals or cheap rumors but kept up to facts. I think that's what I enjoyed most - a clean, dry and down to the bottom look upon things as they are. Not the fame look or all the stereotype looks upon Rock music business but instead a look inside how it really is to live such a life.

Is it all just past?

No, happily it is not. Of course it is a book that takes you down the memory lane of the author. But Terry Chimes is still active and making music! He has a new band running called "The Crunch". Go and check out some fresh music from his new band below.

Can I have a look inside first?

Yes, nearly all of the retailers I list below offer the first chapter of the book for free online reading. For example just go to Amazon and hit the "Look inside!" button directly over the front cover image. A new window will open up with the first chapter ready to read.

Where to get the book

There'a a large number of stores offering The strange case of Dr. Terry and Mr. Chimes. Here's a list of retailer for purchasing the book in a ebook format. If you don't have a ebook device I can tell you that Amazon at least also offers a free software that let's you read the book on your PC, smartphone or tablet. All you need is the proper app for your device. Here are the direct links to the online-shops:





If you'd like to have a paperback of the book just go to Amazon/England or Amazon/Germany they offer the good old paper versions as well. The bookstores of the german Thalia company do also offer the paperback version on their website and I think you should also be able to go into one of their stores and order it directly over the shop. I lnow they have a big chain of stores here in Germany.

You may also have a look upon the website of the publisher Crux Publishing to find out about other books they offer. Also make sure to see the personal website of Terry Chimes which contains much more informations about both lifelines of Terry Chimes.

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