Decide which newcomer band should play at Sweden Rock Festival 2015

Bollnäs Metal rules! This is the perfect follow up to the last article. Happily besides the older bands from this legendary town in Sweden like Tad Morose and Morgana Lefay there are still some younger bands around to carry on the torch of metal.

One of them is Senate of Prevail, a band I've often talked about here in the last months.
Now I would like to ask you for a little favor:

Please help Senate Of Prevail to get the chance to play at the Sweden Rock Festival. They need your votes to get a chance to play at this well-known festival. It would be their big chance to present their music to a huge crowd.

Follow this link, mark Senate of Prevail, enter the captcha code and hit the button at the bottom of the page! Please vote as much as you can, show it to your friends and help them go further in the competition! Thank you very much for your help!

f you're new to the band just try out their excellent song "Illusion" from the current single "Abandon all hope". This song totally got me into their music, so it's hard for me to stop my enthusiasm for their sound. The riffing is just perfect for my taste.
If you like the track don't hesitate to head over to Soundcloud. You can download it for free(!) from the band's Soundcloud account along with title-track of the single.

Also don't miss out the further band activities on Facebook since the band is working on their brand-new full length album these days.

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