Hollywood Groupies kick out straight Rock 'n' Roll with new EP

The weekend is knocking on our doors. What could be better to kick it off with some rough Rock 'n' Roll that goes very straight without any further ado?

Let's do so with the the Italian hard rockers from Hollywood Groupies. They have just returned with four solid and adrenalinic songs which follow their debut album “Punched By Millions Hit By None” released in 2010.

Their sounds reminds me a lot of W.A.S.P. with the screaming vocals all over present in the songs. Their optical presentation also brings up all the traditional trademarks of a Rock 'n' Roll formation in a positive and cool way.

(c) by Hollywood Groupies, used with kind permission

Their newest effort is the fourtrack EP entitled "Bitchcraft". Listen to the fresh release right here and have a good start into some free time (hopefully):

I love the way the band brings up the power for the songs. It's music that keeps me pushing forward and gives a positive vibe. It's like this "let's do it" feeling that you get through listening to the music. That's something only few things in life bring to you, so we should appreciate it in my eyes.

The EP features four pieces of hard rock punctuated by powerful and adrenalinic episodes like the first single "Helter Jester", or "Get It On" which proves, more than any other song, the band’s evolution with its extremely catchy chorus. Then we have "The Empress", played by an insistent rhythm section and scratchy guitars that create a hypnotic melody recalling magic somehow, which is the EP’s main theme: all the songs tell life stories in an mystic-esoteric way, giving the listeners the opportunity to have their own interpretation of the lyrics. "Sick twisted paradise" closes the record with a cool scream-along chorus which makes hope that this won't be the last tunes we've heard from this band. Keep it up!

The record can be purchased on music online stores like : iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandcampCdbaby and Deezer.

You can stay in touch with the band through Facebook, YouTube or Reverbnation.

Hollywood Groupies are:

Foxy (lead-vocal)
Kelly (lead-guitar)
Ace (rhythm-guitar)
Condor (bass)
Mirko (drums)

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