St. Nicholas Day: Gentrification giving away full album for free

Today it's St. Nicholas Day. Have you all written up your wishlists and prepared some food for the Nichlaus and his hungry horse? :-)

Okay, then here's your present: Get the full "Deviance" album from the band Gentrification as a free download! It's music for the fans of Kreator, Carcass and the like (Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Metalcore).
The download comes with full digital booklet incl. lyrics, cover artwork and bonus track.

Listen to it right here and don't forget to head over to Bandcamp to pick your free download! Also visit the band's website as well as their account on Facebook to follow them.

You can order the album at the very same Bandcamp page also as CD completely manufactured without plastic. Includes a 12-page booklet printed with plant-based colors on recycled paper. Each CD is numbered by hand, limited to 500 copies and costs only 5,99 Euro. There's also a version bundled with a T-Shirt available for 12,99 Euro.

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