A band of brothers: Odd Crew asking for your support on the next album

Many people playing in bands say that being someone that is part of it brings you in sort of a special relation to others. Some compare it to being married, but instead married to one person being married to let's say four other people.

The modern thrash band Odd Crew from Bulgaria describes themselves as a family who started out back in 1998. The four young men were kids in those days but they always stayed together throughout all the years. Now the time for the band has come to set a new focus in their lifes and they decided to go in a even more professionell direction with the fourth album under the banner of Odd Crew being in pre-production at the moment.

(c) by Odd Crew. used with kind permission
But the band needs a proper sound to be able to reach out to more fans with the new record. You know these days a lot of good bands and albums are around but going into a fully professionell production requires you to work with a proper producer and recording location. Odd Crew decided that they would like to work with Jason Seucof from Audiohammer Studios, Florida. He already worked with well known bands like Trivium, Devildriver, Firewind and the like.

Being not signed to a major label or having a big budget on their hands the band asks their fans and all other people who are interested in their music out there to help them out with the money needed to do this step. The goal has been set to 35.000 Dollars on their IndieGoGo campaign that's up and running 'till the end of January 2015. If you like to support them further on their way you can choose between several goodie packs ranging from a digital album download at 10 Euro up to a physical CD for 20 Euro or several other options. Just check out the campaign page to find out more about that.

Most of all you may ask how the new album is going to sound like? Check out the clip below to find about that:

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