A sunset, a sunrise for the brand new The Dry Mouths EP

The Dry Mouths, one of the most active bands in Andalusia have released a superb new video for the song "Tour P-2". Set at the beautifull location of a sunset the band kicks out the new track with enormous power. I think not many bands out there are able to bring their raw and dirty power the way the band does on this song and video. In addition the bands performance shows a expression that really let's you feel the power the band has shown in the past years. The band did four albums in four years, videos and performances and an infinite number of concerts. Fans of a good mixture for hard rocking, handmade direct music with softer vocals that perfectly fit to the tone should stop by and check in here.

This video single gives a fresh look into the all-new release of the band entitled "Two Months", which has been released on the 15th of January 2015 on vinyl on the Clifford Records label. You can order the record directly through the Bandcamp page of the band. 

For 10 Euro plus shipping and handling you'll get five new songs on a beautifull 10 inch vinyl single plus a CD with the songs on it so you can store this rarity in a safe place. A immediate digital download is included as well to skip the waiting time until the arrival of the package. This edition is strictly limited to 250 pieces. 

The whole stuff comes packed into a unique cover which you can see below. It expresses in my eyes the very own way the band goes as a sound mixture between the rock of the 90's, stoner and experimentation. The cover gives it overall a more authentic feeling which gives you the feeling of holding something different in your hands. It's the memoy that it gives that you will remember afterwards. It is not one of the many records but this one, exactly this one piece of music that keeps in your mind for a long time.

(c) by The Dry Mouths, used with kind permission

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