CD Review: Eternal Dream - Reign Of The Skies EP

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Short introduction

Eternal Dream was founded back in 2007. The band sees their roots in european power metal bands in the style of Rhapsody (Of Fire), Nightwish or Stratovarius. At the beginning of 2008 they closed the line-up and began to prepare their first demo, published at the end of that year with two songs: "Frozen Salanthine" and "Waters of Reality".

In a year and a half they placed in the metal scene of Málaga, with several concerts and high ratings in recognized contests like "Málaga Crea Rock", among hundreds of bands, and "Marbepop".
Their first EP "The Seed of Naryll", totally self-produced by Niko Hartmann (also guitar player of the band), is published in September 2009.

(c) by Eternal Dream, used with kind permission

In the summer of 2010, Álvaro Sabín entered the band as lead guitarist and they began to prepare their first LP. "The Fall of Salanthine". The record has been released in 2011 and for first time in the band history the album is also available as a original pressed CD. The band ever since continued their work on new material and has released their brand new EP "Reign of the skies" at Christmas 2014.

Summary / Player / Download Link

This EP has a superb quality, no question. If you like bands like Epica or Nightwish you should go straight on forward and listen and download the EP. As a addition to the mentioned bands Eternal Dream keep things more straight forward. Where some of the other bands sometimes tend to fiddle around a bit too much the spanish band comes more to the point and keeps it soundwise a bit heavier than compareable bands. That's what makes them to be preferable to those acts in my eyes if you like music to keep pushing forward instead of playing around too much with single parts and elements.

The download comes totally free of charge directly from the bands website.. This is already a reason to be happy to be given such a fine piece of music. Looking closer into the provided zip File you'll recognise that it even holds far more than "only" the mp3 files. It comes completely with a text interior sheet, something I've seen very rarely even in comercial releases. What a nice gesture! In addition there are's also a front and a back cover included in the releases. All files come with the maximum possible quality data rate for mp3 at 320 kb/s.

Don't miss out to follow the further band activities on their social site like Facebook, Twitter or myspace.

If you want to give something back for what you've taken or support the band on their further way you may buy the first full album "The fall of Salanthine" on a physical CD including a 16 page booklet for only 5 Euro plus shipping and handling through the band's website.

Track-by-Track Review

Reign of the Skies
The keyboards at the beginning already tell the maintheme of the song. It's a midtemo song with a direct and clear riff and a blast refrain. Very impressive, high pitch vocals that take you to another world. It is like you're living in a epic story like in a movie such as The Lord of the Rings. Good music to bring your thoughts on a different level far away from the world of everyday troubles.

Reign of The Skies (instrumental)
Of course the vocals are missing in this one. It reveals the instrumental epicness of the track in all it's beauty. You get a sharper look on the aggressive, dark and heavy riffs used in this track than put a contrary to the harmonic vocals. In addition more of the keyboards can be heard making it clearer which role they have in the band's sound.

Neoclassical Fantasy
The one comes in sharp contrast to the other two tracks. The opening riff already makes it clear that it is a much different song. The track is much faster and the vocals are rougher and set in a higher tone. A very edgy piece of music.  After the rough opening the song breaks like a fragile building and builds up slowly again piece by piece up to the chorus followed up by a long solo section. Afterwards it remains a fast, heavy and direct song. The majestic chorus ends the whole song and the EP.

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