CD Review: iLLacrimo - iLLacrimo EP

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Short Introduction

(c)  by iLLacrimo, used with kind permission
After a long way full of different experiences, two young brains meet again in a moor between fog and melancholy near Milano. Davide-Kristof (son of Janos Acs, an important Hungarian Conductor) and Federica Sara raise a project of European sounds, shuffle with the traditional Italian melody. The result is the perfect combination of iLLacrimo. It's the begin of a collaboration with Matteo Cifelli for the recording of their first self-titled EP, mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London under his supervision. On 23rd October 2014 they have released their first single "Chains In The Cold", signed by Resisto label.

Recorded in Italy and mixed at the Fastermaster studio in London by Matteo Cifelli (Betty Poison, Il Divo, Helene Fischer, Mike & the Mechanics, etc...), “iLLacrimo” out via Resisto label, is available in all digital stores from January 26th 2015.

Summary / Player

This EP has grabbed my heart from the very start! It feels as if it represents the inner twists, changes and difficulties a lot of people go through were packed in one record of five songs. It is a great mixture of mostly slow or midtempo and very cool beats, hard riffs and a voice expressing so much of what can be on your mind all the time. It feels as if someone has opened up a ventile for the feelings inside and has put the all an everything in his voice. 
The EP comes with three hard and faster tracks, one half-ballad and one full ballad. It's a very outworked piece of music and I can only highly recommend listening to this one's to all the fans of Lacuna Coil or Evanscene, also this band for sure goes it's own way. I really hope a lot of people will check out and buy it. Would love to see and hear more from this band.

Band Contact

Track-byTrack Review

Burning Fields
A cool drum fill opens up for a heavy piece of music. Then silence - the first lines of vocals come in softly. The refrain ripps it up again and for the first time you can hear this "let it all out and go" feeling the vocals give you, feels great! The second verse keeps it going heavier. The track keeps being a up-tempo pushing you forward. The solo section introduces a more hacked version of the song theme. At the end comes back for one more. Loving it!

1000 Reasons to?
A slow beginning - the vocals come in hautingly spoken, giving me chills. The track is a mixture of the vocals and the keyboards while focussing on the fragile, warm voice. The refrain is sung by two people together giving it a even deeper touch. A short guitar solo section brings in some movement. A very emotional number.

Chains In The Cold
Some may know this song of the video already. This one is lead by the sharp, hacked guitar riffs. In the beginning some compressed guitars like you hear it often in Progmetal bands, the refrain brings back the cool rhythm dominated movement of the song and the vocals once more blow out a lot of emotion. A song between silence and full shredding guitars that is softly filled with fine keyboards while the drums move with the riff. A great song, it expresses so much. The end comes pushing hard and some keyboard notes fill the air in the end...

No Longer
Lots of drum variations and riffing in the beginning. The vocals once more give a look into deep emotions. A rough and dark riff crushes all along the song. A stomping mid-tempo groover but all in all the song comes in a bit compressed form, it's not held that in a so expressive form than the previous one's. The band shows a bit more of their rocking side. 

Non Credi
Non-Credi opens up with a touching combination of vocals and keyboards Some soft drums move giving it a bit of movement. The refrain comes with more higher notes in the vocals giving it a bit more emotional style. The track no doubt is a classic half ballad  The soft guitar solo fits good to the vibe, expressing a bit without words. A last emotional refrain rounds out the song - a fine and perfect way to close this EP.

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