CD Review: Strangelet - First Bite

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Short Introduction

The unsigned german band Strangelet plays Heavy Rock that is heavily influenced with Sleaze and Metal elements. The band has a constant line-up since 2012 and played over 30 gigs in about two years. Their full length album "First Bite" has been self-written, self-produced (Jonas on keys is also the prospective sound engineer and producer of the band) and self financed. The mastering was done by Stem Masters Munich (J.B.O., Fiddler´s Green…). Currently the band is already in the process of writing material for the next release of the band.

(c) by Strangelet, used with kind permission

Summary / Player

This album came as a total surprise to me and it struck me hard. I wasn't sure what to expect of a band with this mixture of elements but this is a must have to all those people loving music that is hard rocking at mostly midtempo speed. All tracks come fully dedicated and the band gave it's full heart blood to make each song a unique experience. 

Their sound is hard to compare to but I would most compare them to Unisonic or Gotthard but with a strong addition of keyboards to the sound that remind me a lot of the good old Deep Purple. It's this full dedication of the sound along with the vocals that have some touch of Gotthard-like spirit that makes them something special. In fact it is a outstanding debut record. It's music that could describe various days in your life, each with a different vibe. 11 days of your life...

You can check out the full album from the website of the band. I've also added the two promotional videos at the track by track section to give you a fast idea of the band's sound. The record can be ordered as a pressed Compact Disc for 10 Euro plus shipping and handling through the E-Mail contact adress of the band. Please see the linked contact page of the band for the mail adress. A MP3 download version of the album is available as well from the same contact adress. There's also some merchandise available like a T-Shirt. Just ask the band for the details. 

Update 2015/06/11: If you live in Japan and would like to buy the CD you may do so at the shop of Anderstein Music.

Update 2015/03/09: For all visitors from the USA/Canada - the album is also available from CD Baby. The download is available for 9,99 Dollar.

You can follow the band on Facebook or YouTube to stay in touch with them.


1. Privilege of Power

The direct riffer for the start of the album. A uptempo track that easily kicks you in to the album. Very straight and direct it takes on a ride. But wait, it's just the beginning of it all...

2. Nothing
A stomping midtemo song. Cool whistling of the melody at the start. This one is a straight scream along track that you can go on with from the very first listening. The solo comes in very hard. Takes you even further inside and wanting to hear more.

3. Tainted
My absolute favorit! I loved this from the very start. It speaks so much of what is in my heart. It's a beautiful midtemo hymm. The refrain will let you sing along again. The keyboards set the deep mark with vocals here for the first time. This is when you're really inside music! A organic song that goes straight to the heart.

4. Pray To Break
The intro comes very mythical, followed up by a straight uptempo rocker. The hammond sounding keyboards form the theme of the song, while the vocals come very stretched out on this one. A modern way of songwriting in here but one that fits to the mood of the music.

5. Stillborn

A half ballad with much guitars and punch. It feels like a song for the empty days in your life. The bass comes in very cool while the guitars add one of these shining moments that you seldomly find in music. A riff breaker takes the song to a heavier level with much keyboards and shred guitars. Some echoing notes and last notes form a unusual ending to the song. Well worth listening to it.

6. Snakebite
The intro comes in very epic. A riff-ripper this one turns out to be a very straight go-along track with hypnotic keyboards once again. The end is very progressive and jammed along like. Reminds the most of Deep Purple this one.

7. Hell & Back
Keyboards start this one up, a solid midtemo stomping track. The song goes back-and-forth in structure but let's you easy walk along to it.

8. Touch The Sky
A very edgy and progressive one, the riffs hack hard around on this piece of music. A rough cut-refrain, the keyboards play a major role jamming a lot inside the track.

(c) by Strangelet, used with kind permission

9. Catching Fire
The start is very balladesque this one is a hard midtempo pushing track.The keyboards have a very distinct hammond note and also form the end of the track.

10. All That's Left
My heart's broken this one seems to scream! Very strong vocal performance that is only followed by some keyboards. Surely a challenge to each singer. Guitars only at the end of this forming a soft solo and ending to "All that's left".

11. Hiding Star
The last light shining on the sky tonight. That's what this one reminded me of. A slow track dominated by keyboards once again with soft vocals form a perfect fade-out to the album. Let's hope we'll hear and see more from this band!

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