Light Among Shadows return with beautiful new videoclip

Light Among Shadows are a female fronted symphonic metal band from the south of Spain. In the past years the band released two full length albums entitled "At the Gates of Dawn" in 2011 and only one year later "Welcome...Back!". The style of the band is inspired by fairy tales and horror stories.

At the moment the band is working on a brand new record but has already set up a first single and videoclip for the song "Into the storm" to give the fans a idea of what is coming up and to introduce María Barragán as the new female voice of the band.

(c) by Light Among Shadows, used with kind permission

Listening to that track it struck me with the sheer power and roughness with the hard drums and powerful guitars but at the same time it also reveals the beauty that lays inside of the music.
These elements are transported through the fine vocals and the technical elements that are mixed into the song. It's these fine bass lines and the outworked guitar solos with the picking technique that form a melodic note into the music of the band.
Besides that the clip itself shows a beautiful landscape and creates a lot of atmosphere with some moments of silence at the beginning showing off the water breaking the waves at the shore and the sun going down in silence before the band starts. The clip also seems to tell a story. That's something I like a lot, it makes watching the clip like making a small journey to a place unknown.

To me this one has made me curious on the band so I've joined them on Facebook to make sure I'm not missing out on the further progress of the album recordings.

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