Prelistening of the new Stoneghost single

I think a lot of you guys out there will miss the old days when Pantera was still around. Some of their trademarks were the brutal, mighty guitar riffing along with the hard vocals.

Happily enough for us that these days young bands carry on the torch and still provide us with the stuff we like. But like ever so often in life it wasn't all that easy to make things happen. This time the band Stoneghost had to fight some problems while creating / recording their brand new album "New Age of old Ways" like they'd let me know:

It was at this point in 2013 when Jason, the vocalist of the band was at his dilemma “This was when I wrote 'Faceless Ghost'” Jason continues. “It's about my daughter, she was on the way, I was feeling apprehensive and scared about the responsibility and seeing a therapist at the time, I was having some really low points, but because I had a daughter on the way it gave me the reason to sort myself out.”

(c) by Will Ireland, used with kind permission
Anyway, the band kept pushing forward and managed at the end of the day to bring some of the feelings and experiences on tape. I think the mixture of the hard riffs along with some reflection of the past in the lyrics forms a overall unique experience. The feeling of fear and insecurities can be re-felt on many points of the song I think.

The single will be released 2nd March followed by the album on 27th April 2015.
For more information of the band check out the Facebook and Twitter account of them.

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