Scanner release brandnew video and album The Judgement

Sometimes things take a long way but finally arrive. I think that's what mostly happened with the brand new album of Scanner. Ten years ago the band first talked about a new record that's in the pipe but it shouldn't be until 23th of January 2015 that "The Judgement" finally hit the shelves via Massacre Records.

In between there were lots of line up changes and also a virus attack that destroyed a lot of the recordings the band had already finished so the release had to be delayed. But the band always played shows in their home area and posted updates from time to time so you kept the feeling that things were always moving yet there were lots of obstacles to overcome.

Anyway, it seems that the band has put together a massive album. Having heard the first preview track "Fuck the bastards" I posted earlier and now the title track I'm very impressed about what the band has recorded. It reminds me a lot of the old albums like "Hypertrace" or "Terminal Earth" but without missing out the steps and developments the band made in the meantime.

The band will do some shows in Greece and Spain soon. Check out the band's homepage and Facebook account to stay up to date.
The homepage also has a own shop where you can get the album. There's even a very, very limited stock of physical copies on CDs out there...

The band has released a great video for the title-track. So don't wait any longer and give it a look and listen, because today is what counts. You can never know about tomorrow...

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