Siren release popart styled video for Dr. Saint

A lot of bands are releasing videos these days to promote their albums. Many of them show the band performing the music and that's what the Rock band Siren does as well on Dr. Saint. But besides the clear and direct music that hooks in your mind with the strong refrain the video also comes with a message. In addition the video has been produced with a fine style known in the world of arts as Popart. Somehow this style along with the visual elements presenting the lyrics and their meaning sticks in your mind. If you reader further you'll find some explanation for the lyrics of the song.

The lyrics, entirely composed by the whole band, as well as the musical parts, are mostly concentrate on the paradox, the bilateralism, the irony and the brutality of the universal events, characterized by a peaceful resignation to them, in one side and a timid exhortation to react, avoiding the pomposity of being master of life, in the other side, where often society and the single individuals are, with all their contradictions, protagonists. There is no lack of introspections in which is rather easy and immediate to identify oneself. The audience is often actually free to interpret or imagine the message of the songs, in that way the interpretation key of the topics is just the mood of the audience in that moment.

“Siren” are an Italian rock band from Pesaro, formed in January 2013 by Jack Nardini (lead guitar, vocals). The Band members are Marcus Kawaka (bass, synth, vocals), Mark "Spud" McKenzie (drums, percussion), with whom he attended high school and Samuel Frondero (lead vocals, guitar) a childhood friend, together they had on occasions at different times already collaborated on various musical projects.

(c) by Siren, used with kind permission

After about a year of working they finished the recording of their first album in March 2014.  "The Row" (recorded at Studio Waves by Paolo Rossi in Pesaro) is a LP of 11 tracks entirely conceived, written, arranged and composed by the band. In August 2014 Siren sign their first record deal with Red Cat Records. Siren are currently engaged in various live concerts, and looking into the possibility of a european tour.

Make sure to stay up to date about all the further band activities using Facebook, YouTube or the band's homepage.

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