CD Review: Cyrence - The Hospital

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Short Introduction

Cyrence are a young band from Munich,Germany. They play Melodic Thrash Metal in the vein of Testament (their latest releases) and Metallica. Yet their style is modern and unique, there are no boundaries. You will enjoy parts that are neckbreakers as well as clean, almost psychedelic moments, always maintaining the right amount of heaviness, groove and melody.  In their lyrics they mostly talk about apocalyptic topics. The band started out with a demo entitled "Endtime stories" in 2011. Now in 2015 they are back with their first EP which see's the day of light today on 27th March 2015.

(c) by Cyrence, used with kind permission

Summary / Purchase & Contact Links / Album Player

This EP is a absolute surprise, didn't exspect such a smasher when I first heard the title track. It blew me away! A pure quality release. This goes for the heavyness as much as it goes for the ideas the band developed for the songs itself. The tracks are outworked very detailed and with much inspiration. They are often brutal but never miss this piece of intelligence that makes them something special. 

The songs even let you relax and take you to a different place. You just need to bring some time to be able to completly enjoy this EP. The songs don't offer their full potential on the first run, they often need a second one. But that's even more a sign of quality in my ears. The sound comes with full blown quality. Go and get this diamond!

You can buy the record at the Bandcamp page of Cyrence for 7 Euro. Enjoy the full album stream below to get a idea of the sound of the band. Physical copies and T-Shirts are available at the shows (for example tonight 27th March 2015 in Munich at the Sunny Red - CD release show with 2 other bands).

The band also has a own webshop in the makings where you'll be able to buy physical copies of the album as well as T-Shirts through the internet. I'll update the review with the proper links and details so make sure to keep an eye on this review page if you're interested (just set a bookmark to this page and check back every here and there). Or make sure to follow the band through the linked websites for the announcement and links.

Update 2015/04/01: No april fool's joke - the webshop of the band has opened it's gates! You can purchase the album their for 7 Euro plus shipping and handling and order a band T-Shirt with the logo of Cyrence for 10 Euro (plus shipping and handling). There's also a bundle offer up there with the CD and the Shirt together for 15 Euro plus the fee's for postage and handling. You can choose between several sizes for the T-Shirt.

Also make sure to keep track on this band via their homepage, Facebook or connect with them through the Twitter network.

Track-by-Track Review

01 A New Beginning
Clear and very melodic intro. Things are starting to make me nervous goes through
my head while listening this. You can't wait on what's to come...

02 Dystopia
A long and stretched brutal intro rips up the EP. Very hard and pushing track,
kicking it in very heavy. Very remniscient to Metallica in their Ride the lightning times.
Partyl it also reminds a bit of the newer material of Testament with the hymn-like
sung refrain. Very raw and hard track. The end fades a bit unusual with clear guitar 
giving the last notes. This track needs a repeat to be fully understood.

03 This Life
More straight track. Also very fast, dark and hard. Vocals are laid down a bit deeper.
Short and fast solo section. The track is dominated mostly by the changing vocals.
Very cool - while the rhythm and guitars mainly keep it straight forward and
constantly pushing the vocals are with all the diversity that is laid inside of them
the element that really moves the song forward. This band has ideas no question!

(c) by Cyrence, used with kind permission

04 The Hospital
Clear and slow beginning. It fastly explodes into a straight double-bass smasher
It changes furthermore into a direct riff-hacker in the tradition of Metallica. I somehow
had to think back to the all-time classic "One" while listening to this. A positive

05 I won't fall
A stomping intro going over to a fast riff-ripping-track. The riff is kept simple
and the whole song straight forward. Vocals come in very rough but also clear.
The last third of the track is set in a more midtemo rhythm. 

06 You kill me
The band is going straight all on it. A direct and heavy kicking song with a 
different refrain that makes it remarkable. A bit shorter than the previous tracks
but that's welcome after the longer songs.

07 Purity Control
Very hard neckbreaker, going brutally to the point. The solo section surprises
with a slower introduction while the solo itself keeps it high-pitched and leads
back to first groove. A perfect round up and kick out for the release. 

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