Female fronted Death Metal band Halo Creation working on first album

So far not much Death Metal has been up here on my page. It's simply because this style of the Metal Universe didn't found my like too much. It's because of the often monotone style of the songs and the vocals that are often also very equal and growled that much that you cannot understand a single sentence in a song.

Well, this time it's different. What we have here is a Death Metal combo from Austria. The demo that I've heard from them is different in my ears. It's more more diverse for me. Of course there's this typical overwhelming brutality in the songs but there are changing parts in the songs. Plus they have a woman performing the vocals. That's something that not many bands of that genre would try out. Here it works fine. The band reminds me a bit of Bolt Thrower, who are sadly no more.

(c) by Halo Creation, used with kind permission

After having released a four track demo in 2014 Halo Creation are currently working on their first full length album which is scheduled for a release in 2015. Until then check out the mentioned demo in the player below. My first pick was "Fading sun" which turned out a positive surprise. You can download the demo for free from the Reverbnation page of the band.

Keep an eye of them by following them via Facebook, YouTube or Backstage Pro (a social network in german language especially for contacts in the music-scene / music business / liveclubs etc.).

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