Final Coil thanks fans with free download of first EP

Final Coil have recently decided to hand out their very first EP "Goodbye to all that" as a free download. The band describes themselves on Bandcamp as a "(...) a metallic grunge band incorporating the harmonies of Alice in chains, the twisted dynamics of Tool and the droning heaviness of Swans."

The band has been on hold for some time due to health problems of vocalist Phil Stiles. Happily those days are gone now and the band is back doing shows again and writing songs for a new release.
In the period while it wasn't sure if Phil would recover from his issues the band received many positive vibes, wishes and most of all advice from the fans on Facebook, via Email and so on.

So in the end the band felt the need to give back for what they've received and has put out that record as a gesture of gratefullness. Also it shows Final Coil in their early stages the EP is well worth checking out in my eyes since it has some fine melodies and great groove in them.
Plus it has this exta when it comes to agressive elements and hunger that ist mostly captured the best in the early times of a band. So pick up your copy or listen to in the stream below.

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