Southern Front ask the sense of revenge in their new video

Southern Front are a purely thrash-determined band from Austin, Texas. For all of you guys out there loving Testament, Slayer and Pantera this band will be a fest. They've recently released a brand new video for the track "Face down" taken from the new album "Death Throes".

(c) by Southern Front, used with kind permission

The great thing is that the track reminds me a lot of Testament in their phase while they released "Low". It's pure power going straight forward with clear, yet very hard vocals in the style of Pantera. This mixture goes very heavy but the double axe guitar players add a lot with the traditional yet also technical and skilled playing technique reminding me of the old Slayer songs.

A cool feature is that both play left-handed something you don't see very often but it looks great. Another cool thing is that the video tells a story and and leaves one with a surprise behind.
It's in my eyes the question if revenge really makes sense at all in life... But best of all you can check it out for yourselfs:

The band is going to start a new mini-tour cycle in their hometown area in Texas already starting TODAY. Here are the dates:

March 7th. @ Dirty Dog Austin TX.

March 21st. @ Sweetwater Austin TX.

April 17th. @ Fitzgerald's San Antonio TX.

May 22nd. Arcadia Bar & Grill Houston TX.

Follow the further band activities on Facebook or check out their official homepage.

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