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Short Introduction

Bevar Sea are a stoner/doom band that is located in Bangalore / India. The band formed back in late 2010.  They have been influenced by heavy blues-rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s, the band is focused on presenting classic heavy metal exactly the way it should be, by employing an organic, no-frills approach to songwriting and live musicianship. This review talks about the first full length output of the band. At the moment Bevar Sea are working on a brand new record which is schedulded for a release mid 2015.

(c) by Bevar Sea, used with kind permission

Short summary / Player / Purchase Link

If you love the Black Sabbath albums back from the very first days of this legendary band you'll love the music of Bevar Sea,too. To me personally the band took me back to my childhood days when I used to listen to songs like "Sabbath bloody sabbath", "Ironman" or "War pigs". It is a great pleasure for me to see a band is carrying on the torch of these roots of the doom metal.

The even more cool thing is that besides all the traditional sounding elements the band also took care to put in some fresh efforts by mixing in elements from the Stoner music into their songs. Another aspect I like is the length of the tracks. All of the tracks are longer tracks which play around a lot back and forth with the riffs and elements so you have a pure time of enjoyment with them and can the sometimes montone repeat of the stuff even let's you get in deeper into the songs. Well done!

The albums comes for the nice price of only 3 US Dollar as a download. There's also a cool limited edition of 500 physical copies on CD available that comes in a 3 panel digipak with a clear tray in the middle and a 12 page booklet. This version can be purchased for 8 Dollar at the Bandcamp page of the band.

Don't miss out the progress of the band recording the new album. You can keep a eye on them through Facebook or go to Youtube to see some videostuff of the album recordings.

Track by track review

1. The Smiler 
Big, bright riffs kick in rough and hard to this one. A riff change leads over to the vocal driven part. Very dark and sharp vocals give the track a gloomy atmosphere. Much variations put inside in this one like the clear bridge at the middle of the track. Extensive solo sections towards the end. A very compact and fitting open for the album.

2. Abishtu  
A slow bass intro opens up track two. Clear guitars follow before the typical rough guitars jump in and the tempo is altered. The fastest song of the album. In the middle towards the solo section a slight change to clear guitars mixed with distorted parts. The end is set in a similar form as the beginning. The cycle closes again.

(c) by Bevar Sea, used with kind permission

3. Universal Sleeper
More set in the doom tradition this one comes slower and more room for experimenting around with the riff. Vocals are very clear in the beginning but go over to a heavier style as the song progresses. A new riff at the middle gives the track a new direction, pushing forwards to a more experimenting, progressive touch.

4. Mono Gnome  
A very long and epic track with seventeen minutes duration this one closes the album. It starts with a typical riff and form for a Bevar Sea track. A riff-hacker with the hard and dark vocals many parts are set on a longer and montone form but giving the song the room for some experimentation and trying out several variations. Towards the middle of the song seems to morph over with a slower  section but comes back with the main theme afterwards only to change over to the next slower, experimental part with distortion filling a big room of the music. The final chapter is kept on a softer note with clear notes setting a big contrast to the previous very heavy styled song segments. A great way to end this epic song.

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