CD Review: The Dry Mouths - Two Months (easter gift inside)

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It's easter again, time to celebrate the (hopefully) upcoming spring time of the year.
As it is already a little tradition over here at the Metalunderdogs blog we are sort of giving away something so we can celebrate together.

Short Introduction

This year, thanks to the guys in The Dry Mouths we can enjoy the full band release catalogue totally for free. The band describes itself on Bandcamp as a "Alternative Rock band from Almeria, Spain. Their music is a mixture between the rock of the 90′, stoner and the experimentation, leaving itself to notice in the first listening influences like Nirvana, Tool, Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd."
All the four recordings of the band can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.
This review talks about the newest release of the band the EP "Two Months" which was released at the beginning of 2015.

(c) by The Dry Mouths, used with kind permission

Summary / Player / Purchase Link 

What I like most about the band is that they dare to make things differently. It's not the same odd song structure's they restrict themselves to. They do try out a lot and always look for new ways so the music never get's monotone. Plus all the artworks having something of their own, it's stuff that put's a own finishing note to each recording.

On the "Two Months" album the band is keeping things very straight forward and very hard and heavy. Nevertheless they've also used the room for some experimentation so you'll notice some unusual stuff in the music also on this newest addition to the band's release list.

Since they've set up the download as a pay what you want option you can also decide to give a little back for what you've taken by handing over some coins to the band when asked at the download page.
You can also get physical copies of "Two months" as well as for all the other three releases of The Dry Mouths. Just check the detailed descriptions at the page of each recording on Bandcamp.

In addition the band has set up a download mirror for all the albums in various quality levels on their website. Please consider to spread the word about'em in return.

The band is going to play the next show on

Apr 18th
La Boca Club
Madrid, Spain

Also make sure to keep an eye of the further band activities via Facebook on the band's website.

Track-by-Track review

Tour P-2
A powerfull beginning for the record. Starts with powerfull chords, then goes over to a forth and backward moving riff and rhythm structure. Yet the song spreads a cool feeling with it.

Tea Pex
A compact and hard riff hits this one up. It moves over to a softer section just to return back to the harder structure. Followed up by changing moments between rougher and softer sections. The Solo section is kept with very high notes.

Party & Son
A slower beginning starts this midtempo number. The tempo speeds up with a cool drum fill pattern. The refrain spreads a relaxed feeling with a different speed. Another drum pattern - very diverse. You can feel the band has some fun playing around with their music.

(c) by The Dry Mouths, used with kind permission

Cold Mind
I love the counting in of the song! A rough and very compact track but the structure makes it a cool time to listen to it. Surely one of my favorites of the band so far.

Intromental / Info Mental IV
The last song starts with a softer touch. The band shows it's more technical side on this one. The rougher edge is presented in the second part followed up by some more softer notes the band is jamming upon. Part three holds again more roughness with very powerful chords and guitar leads put inside. Some classic metal riffs towards the end before some notes leave one with the hope behind that there will be more to come of this great band.

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