CD Review: Light Among Shadows - Welcome...Back!

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Short Introduction

Light Among Shadows are a female fronted symphonic metal band from the south of Spain. In the past years the band released two full length albums entitled "At the Gates of Dawn" in 2011 and only one year later "Welcome...Back!" and toured with both records in the meantime. The style of the band is inspired by fairy tales and horror stories.

At the moment the band is working on the third record with María Barragán on vocals.
This review talks about the second release of the band named "Welcome...back!" with Tatjana Klee, the female voice of the band performing the vocal tracks on the songs of the first two albums.

(c) by Light Among Shadows, used with kind permission

Summary / Player / Purchase-Link

I like albums like these very much. While they are very smphonic and detailed bands like Light Among Shadows keep the heavyness straight in which means that the power doesn't get lost in all the details and sometimes epicness of the tracks.

What we have here is a very riff-oriented album with very outworked vocals on all tracks. You can hear and feel that a lot of time has been spent making the tracks sound perfect. The drums are pushing hard forward with gives the album the extra power. Luckily enough it's not only a album full of smashing tracks but also has a lot of softer moments to offer and never misses out the melody to keep the tracks heart-touching. All in all the album comes with much diversity and often changing parts that can be found in each song.

Please check out this album and if you like go and buy this record to support bands like this one and to have a diamond in your collection that will shine on through moments in life when there's darkness around you. It's well worth it.

The album can be purchased in digital format in stores like Amazon or itunes. Also make sure to have a listen to it first in the Spotify player below. The video for the title track is also one everyone should have a look at. It tells the story of the album compressed in one video so it's a short film which is highly recommended by me and can be seen below in the track by track section.

Track-by-Track review

Very heavy and compact start of the album, much riff-along to the double-bass attack. The refrain comes straight from the heart. A perfect kick in for the album.

Children of the Underworld
Riff-oriented midtempo rocker. The refrain pushes up the speed and makes one want to sing along. Think this could turn out very well on a live show.

When you close your eyes
A balladesque intro followed up by a riff storm intermezzo start this one. A softer bridge leads over to a riff-hacking stomping track. The beautifull vocals are giving it a warm touch. This track is very diverse and shows a wide range of emotions in it. Music speaks out so much more than words could ever do...

A spoken, soft dreaming intermezzo giving the listener a moment to take a break. I like it when a album has parts like this that give you a little pause before the journey goes on.

Of wonder and horror
It's a strong, riff pounding track with stretched vocals and a slightly progressive touch in it. This track needs some time to sink in, so a re-listen is recommended to get the full point in this one.

Through the maze of thorns
A song with a powerfull, hard intro going over to a softer first verse and a pushing refrain. This piece of music has many changes between soft and hard parts in them while the vocals come in majestic and also some spoken verses are inside which surprises the listener. Great solos here. A long and very intensive track.

(c) by Light Among Shadows, used with kind permission

Lost in a sea of nightmares
A powerfull start followed by softer but a bit reverbed vocal parts. It goes over back to the intro rhythm then. This song plays a lot with diversity in the vocals which seem to fit to the theme of the lyrics so it fits very well here.

Some time for relaxing again. A soft spoken bridge leading over to the next song.

The intro starts soft and the guitars play around with the songs theme. A rougher refrain while the rest comes with a slightly balladesque feeling to it. The end has a effect sort of a redemption feeling to the writer of these lines. A warmly welcomed feeling.

The world behind the mask
The push-in goes fast with a soft going-over while the refrain presents in a slow and stomping way. The feeling overall in this track is somewhat ghostly with many fast changing parts in them. The end comes as a overburning experience which gives more redemption feeling while the end is soft and slowly fading away leaving one behind with many thoughts...

A tarnished mirror
Time for another break! Another soft intermission with dreaming notes in them. The drums are kept very hard and cold on "A tarnished mirror".

Back to where you've never been
We start with a compact riff before vocals and drums are the only things that can be heard. The riffs are set very hard here and the track is catchy. The refrain is outworked a lot with many layers of vocals all around. You'll surely remember this one once heard.

A soft start and the song moving forwards slowly. The changes between soft and hard parts are arranged epicly with a outstanding solo in here. The vocals are also set in a epic direction while the tonality overall is set on heavyness with a focus on working out the details a lot. 

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