Chasing Dragons looking for new bass guitar player

Leeds-based classic Heavy Metal formation Chasing Dragons have recently announced that their bass guitar player Ant will leave the band. At the same time the band has set up a search for a new bass guitar player.

Here is what the band wrote on Facebook:

"(...) As with all great journeys, sometimes there are unexpected forks in the road... We are very sad to announce that Ant will be leaving our band...(...)

(...) As such we are seeking a bassist and a brother/sister in arms. We're looking for someone who wants to be a musician for life, who is a bassist who not only plays but writes music, who can sing backing vocals, is local to Leeds and has 110% commitment to our band.

They must be able to learn quickly as we need someone who can keep up on the road, be able to fund their share of any band expenses (sadly bands are expensive!), tour extensively (UK & Europe) and commit to at least one rehearsal per week in Leeds.

Think you've got what we're looking for? Please email bookings@chasingdragons.co.uk

Serious applicants only please! If you don't tick the boxes, please don't apply as we need someone who wants this with all their heart. You must also be aged 18+ as a lot of our shows have age restrictions.(...)"

If you haven't heard and/or seen the band in action before I've put the current video for the single "Broken Jaws" up here for viewing. I also reviewed their EP "Checkmate" some time ago, so check it out if you want to know more about the musical style of the band.

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