Everlit talk about their way in new lyric video

Everlit are a hardrock band from Philadelphia. They released the lryic video for their new single "A Phoenix Will Rise", off of their upcoming EP, due out on June 20th. The band will be playing their EP release show at Bull Shooters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the full band lineup for the show will be announced soon.

The video has a message so they band did choose the preview track for the EP with a certain intention. Ryan Panfil says about the video: "We're excited that A Phoenix Will Rise was the first song we got to share with everyone. It's a story about where we came from but it's also intended for our fans who have or need to overcome things in their own lives."

(c) by Everlit, used with kind permission

To me the video came with a surprise. I wasn't certain about what to expect but keeping in mind that lyric videos can be a strong presentation both in a optical but also a lyrical way this one hooked me up a lot. In fact I did let play the video on repeat once I got the full message of the track and discovered all the fine structures that have been put inside.

The track is very infectious and groovy. It's also a earcatcher since the refrain once it got you won't let you go. But what I love even more is the guitar in the second verse. It gives the track this special kick. Plus there are these changes and different aspects in the vocals that totally got me. Sometimes they are held clear, other sentences are spoken with a special tone and on certain parts you can hear screams that are well placed and fit very well to the lyrics. If you give the full video a run-through (please do so - it's not long. All in all nearly a three minute song.) you'll be rewarded with a message I think everybody should be aware of.

I'll keep a eye on the band that's for sure. If you also want to keep track of the band do so connecting with them through Facebook, Twitter or have a regular look on the band's website.

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