Impellitteri release second video from the new album "Venom"

How much diversity and technical style can be shown in a duration of only 2:50 minutes? Not much you may say. But having seen the brand new video of the band Impellitteri it seem to be possible to put a lot of finesse and variations in such a limited space of time.

On the first listen the track may come around as one of the typical uptempo metal numbers but listen to it closely and I'm sure you'll find out what I mean. It's also great to hear Rob Rock on vocals, I like his vocals a lot, they fit so perfectly for such a style of music and give so much good vibes when listening to it.

The song "Empire of Lies" is already the second video and track the band put out in support of the brand new studio album "Venom". Make sure to keep track on the further band activities by checking in at Facebook.

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