Metal Church post 2015 version of Badlands

Not too long ago Metal Church announced that vocalist Mike Howe returned to the band. A sensation in my eyes since I always loved his vocal performance a lot on albums like The Human Factor, Blessings in disguise or the Hanging in the balance album.

Now the band has released a re-recorded and also slightly re-worked version of their classic "Badlands" on their Facebook page. The track means a lot to me and this new recorded version does justice to it. The production is hard and dry and I love it for being this way. It comes in direct, just as if played live. This one is setting me on fire. A new album is in the makings and announced for fall 2015.

This is the exact description that is attached to the audio stream for all those of you who'd like to know more about the details of this one:

Metal Church “Badlands 2015” mixed by Chris “The Wizard” Collier. Recorded - June 2015. Featuring Mike Howe (vox), Kurdt Vanderhoof (guitar), Jeff Plate (drums), Steve Unger (bass) and Rick Van Zandt (lead guitar) New album coming Fall 2015 on Rat Pak Records.

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