Divides talk about being trapped in the past in new video

I've talked already in a previous post about the band Divides and their ability to bring on topics related things happening in our lifes and the ongoing changes in them through their music and videoclips. The newest output, the second single from the upcoming album "Brokentooth" is no exception from that.

This time they focussed on the danger of being trapped in the past by things that happend in those days of your life in the song "Echoes Fade". "The lyrics for this song were written in pieces since we moved down from Alaska," says bassist Joe Jackson. "Transitions anywhere can be hard, but the worst part is being away from the people you love. These lyrics in particular were really therapeutic for me to write, I'm reminded of that every time we play it. I wanted it to be less about the tragedy of absence and loss, and more so about not letting yourself get trapped in the past and the memories that hold you there. Having our friend Chris add vocals to the song really helped convey that message."

The expression of the face of Chris James, all the desperation and sadness makes it clear what the lyrics want to say. I also like the way the memories are shown in there with the use of the polaroid pictures hanging everywhere he goes. It's like the past that can follow you everywhere you go. Happily there's a way to get around that...

You can pre-order the album through itunes.

Also don't miss out the chance to catch the band live on the upcoming shows in the USA.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sat Jul 18th – The Viking Bar, Spokane, WA
Wed Jul 29th – The Analog Cafe, Portland, OR
Wed Aug 5th – The Charleston, Bremerton, WA
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 6th – The Town, Tacoma, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 7th – Vans Warped Tour @ Portland Expo Center, Portland, OR
Sat Aug 8th – McCoy’s Tavern, Olympia, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Thu Aug 13th – The Ash Street, Portland, OR (21+)
with The Quiet Cull
Fri Aug 14th – The Fun House, Seattle, WA (21+)
with The Quiet Cull

(c) by Divides, used with kind permission
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