Free download sampler gives overview about 30 bands from six countries

It's time for a freebie again! This one comes from Online Metal Promo who teamed up with the Breath Fresher webzine (Japan) and features not less than 30 bands from five countries, amongst them bands from the United States, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Looking at the tracklist I had to smile since it features two bands whose albums I reviewed some time ago and found that they featured massive and great melodic metal. To name them, Swirl and Strangelet are featured on this compilation and they've picked good songs of both bands.

Get the big free package from the website of the Breath Fresher webzine who've created a Dropbox link on their site along with detailed descriptions in several languages about the project as well as a precise overview on the contents of the release along with links to the bands. It also holds a call for new bands to email the organizers since they are about to set up another sampler from other regions of the world, too.

To give you a little sneak peak of the collection I've added the brand new lyric video for Swirls "Fourth of July" below. Enjoy and have a great summer time (enjoy while it lasts)!

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